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Helping Each Other Fly

The selection in the self-help aisle of any bookstore is staggering. PBS runs popular self-help marathons with heavyweights Deepak Chopra, Tim Robbins and Wayne Dyer. Every day another CD/DVD is released that promises untold health, wealth and happiness. The desire for change and the promise of improvement—from weight loss to memory gain—holds a huge appeal that has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Recently we got a crash-course in one area of the self-help world: Career Coaching. Our client Jean Lemmey needed a marketing package (including a web site) to launch her business Flying Colors Coaching.

So, we decided to barter some of our services and help ourselves to a little “professional growth.” Why not? After eight years, we figured it might be time for an Inkwel tune-up, and what better way to learn about our new client than to experience her offerings?

The results were fascinating all around.

As a business coach, Jean works with her clients to not only gain clarity, but gain income. Debunking the totally abstract, touchy-feely perception of others in her category, Flying Colors Coaching promises accountability…that means real results in the bank. After just a couple of sessions, we were believers.

And we’re proud of the work we did for Jean. Check out to see for yourself. If you feel like honing your worklife, you might even want to consider signing up for a seminar.

Good Luck!

Meredith & Stephanie


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