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And the Bailout Winner is...

Congratulations Eric Kaye!

In addition to being a long-time amigo of Inkwel, Eric is Partner/Executive Creative

Director of music production house The Lodge in downtown NYC.

In case you don’t know, The Lodge has equal footing in the recording artist world, as

well as the ad, film and television worlds…it’s way cool.

And so are all of you other brainiacs who entered our Bailout Jumble contest last

month. We definitely know a lot of smart people.

But there can only be one winner. (Plus we can only afford one winning prize right

now.) So let’s give it up for the full deck of 52 approved words generated by the

melodious Mr. Kaye…no wonder he got ‘la’ and ‘ti.’

E R I C ’ S L I S T

A, Ab, Aboil, About, Abut, Ail, Ait, Alb, Alit, Alt, Alto, Auto

Bail, Bait, Bat, Bio, Biota, Bit, Bloat, Blot, Boa, Boat, Boil, Bolt, Bout, Built, But

I, Iota, It

La, Lab, Lat, Lit, Lob, Lot, Lout

Oat, Obit, Oil, Out

Tab, Tabouli, Tail, Tao, Tau, Ti, Til, To, Toil, Tub, Tuba

For a complete list of accepted words, go to And give us a shout

to let us know how you’re figuring out this economy.

Yours in extended puzzlement,

Meredith & Stephanie


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