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A little birdie told us...

We know…we know…we weren’t ever going to drink the Twitter Kool-Aid either. Become one of the tweeple. The twitterverse. The twunks (people who Twitter while drinking)…no thanks!

But then we got a taste of the undeniably pertinent real-time info being shared, and well,

here we are <>

Jeremiah Owyang

Actually an employee at Forrester Research, Jeremiah Owyang and his tweets

<> were proof enough for us that we needed to engage. If you’re

interested in understanding social media better, he’s an amazing resource.

New Brand Voice Guidelines

Research isn’t the only reason to check it out. Brands like <>

are translating their brand voice to fit a new more casual medium and still maintaining

their integrity. It’s an emerging art and endlessly interesting.

Deeper Connections

Finally, we are connecting to other agencies and design houses, clients, friends (okay,

and <>), in surprisingly relevant ways…finding new partners

to collaborate and grow with.

Admittedly, it’s kind of like a party game that you have to be in the mood to play. But

the prizes seem to be worth the extra tweffort.


Meredith & Stephanie


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