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Our World Cup Runneth Over

Down to the final three.

With one half of Inkwel German and the other half an avid sports fan...we’re more than a little invested in the final week of the World Cup.

Fun and games.

We’ve held our breathe during nail-biting penalty kicks, laughed at the Oscar-worthy theatrics on and off the pitch (Did Maradona really think fans wanted to see him run naked around Buenos Aires?) and cursed the endless drone of the vuvuzelas.

Soccer lessons.

And in the midst of all the great plays, last-minute goals and stunning victories, this year’s World Cup has also reminded us that...

*Teamwork is always a winner.

*Big egos don’t guarantee big victories. (Sorry England)

*Soccer players really do have the best legs :-)

Who’s your top pick?

Of course, we’d love to hear who you’re pulling for this weekend...and promise not to hold it against you if it isn’t Deutschland!


Meredith & Stephanie


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