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P U M P K I N Carving Contest


It’s time for more pointless diversion. Okay—maybe not pointless, just not Point A to Point B. After all, the non-straight-forward approach is one of today’s more compelling ways to connect, right?

Anyway, see how many words you can flesh out using the letters P U M P K I N.

No proper names allowed. You can only use a letter once per word, except for P (twice). Only English, please. No plugging into sites for help. Entries must be received by EOD, October 18th.

This little scorecard will tell you how you’re doing:

0-5 words: Yikes

6-17 words: You have a pulse

18-24 words: Scary good

Over 25: Bloody amazing!

Trick or Treat

Winner gets a mention in the next Inkwel Insights plus a FREE hour of Inkwel’s time to be used at his or her discretion (within reason…i.e.: polish your resume, buff your mission statement, write a love poem for your little sweetie).

Enter here or just let us know what’s brewing with you!

Meredith & Stephanie


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