P U M P K I N Carving Winner

Congratulations Michael Carroll!

Dashing, debonair and downright famous for so many things, we hardly know where to start. In addition to his iconic work in advertising (think California Raisins) and remarkable recording career-- www.codyloop.com--this musical maven is once again pushing all the right buttons with his spirited radio variety offering www.themikieshow.org

We emphatically adore him, along with everyone else who entered our contest. And even though we nixed ‘pukin’ and ‘pim,’ Michael bubbled up to the top with this list:

Imp, In, Ink

Kin, Kip

Mink, Mu

Nip, Nu

Pi, Pimp, Pin, Pink, Pinup, Pip, Pump, Pumpkin, Pun, Punk, Pup

Um, Ump, Up

Trick or Treat

As the winner, Michael gets a FREE hour of Inkwel’s time to be used at his discretion. But honestly, he’s such a joy to work with; it’s truly our pleasure.

As always, we love to hear from you, so give us scribes@inkwel.com a shout. And have a safe and happy Halloween!

Meredith & Stephanie

Principals, Inkwel.com

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