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Tag-> You're it!

Is your tagline powerful? A placeholder? Or a pun?

Taglines can work hard to introduce offerings, shift images, create all kinds of opportunities. The most memorable ones go beyond satisfying strategic requirements to communicate values and attitudes that resonate deeper and longer with your target.

You. Only better.

Understanding how your Unique Selling Proposition translates from an end-benefit to an end-end-benefit is critical. When a company goes from merely promising ‘natural hair color’ to ‘confidence in oneself,’ it suddenly becomes a real head-turner.

Just Do It.

When we’re working on a tagline project, one question we ask ourselves is  ‘Would we wear this tagline on a

t-shirt?’ It’s a great reality check (especially when there’s not an Art Director around to say ‘Why don’t you just

say _____?’!).

Inkwel. Think-well?

Ironically, Inkwel is currently tagline-less. So, if you have any thoughts, need some fresh Inkwel-thinking, or just want to say Happy Springtime drop us ( a line!

Meredith & Stephanie

Principals, (The quicker picker-uppers?) (Think small?) (Your idea here!!)

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