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Brilliant or Blackmail?


Just launched, "let's you skip web video ads (with) one string attached." You must type in the advertiser's branded message (aka SECURITY CODE).

Using patent-pending CAPTCHA technology, SolveMedia claims to "use the science of learning to drive success." And recall.

The Short Answer

Since apparently 70% of people take the "skip this ad" option in order to get to their desired content, the former Google and VoiceStar execs at Solve Media have come up with an alternative solution they hope will make everyone happy.

What's your lasting impression?

As seasoned copywriters and somewhat-savvy consumers, we know how all of this makes us feel. But what do you think?

*Brilliant OR *Blackmail

Please give a shout with your long...or short...answer!

Meredith & Stephanie


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