Rename "The Cliff" Contest


Okay…we’re really trying to tap into visions of sugar plums but keep picturing that dang “cliff.” Not to get all Thelma and Louise--but with a term like that, it kind of feels like Congress is fated to punch the accelerator and drive off the ledge.

It was late in February 2012, that Ben Bernanke popularized the term "fiscal cliff" for this crisis. But what if he had called it something else—like the Wishing Well or the Holy Bucket or the Cooperation Project? We’re just wondering…if the term were even a little more positive…would there be more progress by now?


You’re a smart creative person. What would you suggest?

Send us your idea(s) by EOD Dec 12th, and we’ll run them up the flagpole to determine a winner. The inventive etymologist will receive an all-expenses paid brainstorming hour with Inkwel (…no need to worry about taxes!) in January 2013; plus for every entry we receive, we’ll make a donation to Feed the Homeless.


Meanwhile, we sincerely wish you and your family all the best during this season of love, peace and hope!

From the edge,

Meredith & Stephanie


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