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The Hudson Valley. What a trip.

We've been lucky enough to write about some of the most enchanting travel destinations on the planet. But there's one magical place that we've kind of kept to ourselves. Until now.

It's the historic Hudson Valley. Full of forward-thinking inspiration--and just a hop, skip and a jump from NYC.

Get Your Calm On

Situated on 225 acres, Chuang Yen Monastery invites you to "cultivate awareness...and develop wisdom." No passport required to enjoy this journey. Open daily from April to November (

Prepare to Gush

After a stimulating afternoon at (a 300,000 sq ft museum designed for artwork of unconventional character and scale)--find yourself perched over the powerful waterfall on The Patio at Usually open Thursday-Sunday from May until November.

Broaden Your Horizons

Make your way around the golf pro shop to The Terrace Grill at for a beverage and breathtaking views that seem to be just for you. It's the Hudson Valley's best-kept secret, and open daily from April to November.

'Tis the season to adventure, and think of us when you want to take your brand to new places.

Happy Summer!

Meredith & Stephanie


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