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With summer in its final stretch, it’s a good time to take a fresh look at your

new business strategy for the rest of the year.

These days that involves even more effort and sophistication. Competition is tough.

Budgets are tight. And the need to put your very best foot forward is greater than ever.

That’s where Inkwel can help!

Request for Polishing

Yes, you know that we create advertising in all formats. That we tweet, Facebook and

blog. And that we build strong brands from the ground up through naming, taglines,

and messaging.

But did you know that Inkwel has helped companies with their new business proposals?

Whether it’s a one-page executive summary or a fifteen-page RFP—we use our

seasoned perspective to offer strategic and stylistic suggestions that best highlight an

organization’s strengths.

Because if you don’t look good…

We don’t like it. We’re so genuinely impressed with--and invested in--our business

partners that we believe you should succeed every time. So take a few more strolls along

the beach…then let’s really make a splash this Fall.

With hopeful optimism,

Meredith & Stephanie

Principals, Inkwel

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