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Introducing Inkwel Insights

For years Meredith & I talked about creating a monthly newsletter to share our thoughts on the ever-evolving world of advertising. The trends. The trials. The trippy things we sometimes have trouble believing are happening in our industry.

Here's our first try. We hope you like it!

At the end of 2006, our client SitePal ( introduced us to the dynamic world of speaking avatars. The technology is not only cool, but marks a new form of interaction with online customers. Whether making sales, answering questions or just entertaining visitors, these avatars take customer service to a whole new level.

They also reflect a growing fascination consumers have with "alternate identities." The online world SecondLife now has well over 2 million members--each one an avatar alias of their choosing who buys, sells and lives in a completely separate online reality. What might initially seem like an extension of a video game, has become a serious marketplace--with real brands and real financial potential. So much so, that our client Starwood Hotels is test-marketing a new residential concept under the name Aloft on SecondLife.

As marketers, we think this adds a fascinating dimension to reaching new consumers and building our client's brand awareness. One thing's for sure--it never gets boring!

We wish you all a successful 2007 filled with exciting new opportunities.


Stephanie & Meredith


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