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It's Official: Green is the New Gold

This month, we're not pointing out a trend. We're celebrating a shift in environmental responsibility that's quickly becoming mainstream.

And that's great. Because what was once "inconvenient" is now available, stylish, profitable, good for you and our planet.

Take ahhnatural--the first non-toxic hot tub maintenance solution. Now instead of cooking yourself in chemical soup, you can enjoy a pure, soothing, chlorine-free experience. Inkwel helped owner Jane Weeks develop the name to capture that feeling and important benefit.

We also recently developed copy for One Jackson Square--one of the first LEED certified residences in Greenwich Village that thoughtfully incorporates rainwater harvesting, energy efficient systems and rigorous recycling efforts into its building specs. One Jackson Square proves living green can be truly fabulous and farsighted at the same time.

It's what Paul Hawken, entrepreneur and author of The Ecology of Commerce (still a great read) voiced years ago: green doesn't have to be all about compromising, but creating new, more satisfying ways of doing things.

The fact that Better Homes & Gardens magazine recently added a green column to its monthly line-up that will reach 38 million readers shows that red and blue states alike are turning green.

We're not there yet, but lucky is growing.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Meredith & Stephanie


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