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Online Advertising: Turn-on? Or Turn-off?

From music sites to beauty products to sleep aids, we've enthusiastically ventured into cyberspace with our share of online advertising projects. And as marketers, it's been fascinating. Currently Inkwel is working on banner ads and blast emails for Ojo ( the most sophisticated (better than webcam) way to connect face-to-face with cool, easy-to-use, videophone technology.

That fact that Ojo, or any other client, wants to tap into the online market makes abundant sense. Consumers spend hours--and millions of dollars--online every day.

What's less clear is why some messages attract consumer attention while others do the exact opposite. As online technology gets more sophisticated, online ads do as well--with video clips, interactive games or speaking avatars. But does that make them more effective? Or just more intrusive?

What do you think? Take this 2-minute Quiz and give us some advice...Or not.


a) I love online advertising...yum!

b) I ignore online advertising...huh?

c) I hate online advertising...yuck, yuck and double yuck!!


What's your favorite online ad?


What's your least favorite online ad?


Meredith & Stephanie


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