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Going Local on the World Wide Web

The weather in Mumbai. The nightlife in Istanbul. The cricket scores in South Africa. Yes, we all know and love that the web has made the world feel like a village at times.

But what about finding that up-to-date list of florists or dog walkers in your own neck of the woods? When it comes to corralling pertinent information that’s more local than global, there is still room for improvement and opportunity for big business.

Or at least that’s what our client InterTech Media thinks. InterTech Media ( has built over 900 web sites for radio stations in small to mid-size markets around the country. Not content to rest on those laurels, they are about to launch four powerful online marketing products that help these non-mega brand radio stations boost their online revenue—by leveraging their existing ties to their local communities.

Inkwel is helping them with a fresh batch of print ads to break in the September issue of Radio Ink Magazine.

Guess it’s like Dorothy always says, “To find true happiness, you don’t have to look beyond your own backyard.” Or something like that. Point is, even as consumer’s options seem to exponentially expand, there’s a growing demand to “buy local” for all kinds of reasons.

From the Farmer’s Market to finding that resource that supports your friends and neighbors--seems there’s still a lot to get excited about right around the corner.

Enjoy the final days of summer!

Meredith & Stephanie


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