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Care to join us for a little refreshment?


It’s been awhile. How are you? Not quite your perkiest? We hear you. Maybe it’s all that leftover Halloween candy you ate. Or possibly the unsettling political scene.


Regardless, why not try a little BLC? Brand Loving Care. Because whether you’re a one-person operation or part of an ever-expanding empire—it’s important to keep your outward-facing communications looking and sounding invigorated.

Message Massage

Allow Inkwel to work out the kinks. From updated positioning statements to revitalized web content to next-generation ideas for engagement. Even the smallest adjustments can work wonders. We should know. has enjoyed a little pampering lately, as well.

Oohs & Ahhs

Now, let’s get your brand the attention it deserves! Shoot us an email or give us a call and let us know how life’s treating you. Of course, we’re always delighted to meet in person for a refreshing beverage or two whenever possible!


Meredith & Stephanie


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