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From Art to Aha!

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What if you could improve your company’s ability to reach breakthroughs faster?

CEOs are always looking for an edge. Galleries and museums are now the proven place to find it.

Meet Hailey Group

Founded by Dabney Hailey in 2014 in Boston, MA, Hailey Group offers progressive yet accessible leadership tools to a wide variety of companies seeking to consistently focus group dynamics and realize positive measureable results.

Art World >> Corporate World

Building off of Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS)—a teaching method created by cognitive psychologist Abigail Housen and museum educator Philip Yenawine—Hailey Group has expertly tailored the art-inspired methodology to engage the corporate mindset.

Kind of like Design Thinking—only born at MoMA.

Leading The Way

As a client that continually opened our eyes to new ways of harnessing organizational power, Hailey Group definitely stretched our noggins.

We’re excited to share this advantageous emerging resource with you!

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